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Woman on top sex positions. Women in control sex positions are the counterpoint of those with the man on top: there's a reversal of roles which can turn sex into a sizzling session of orgasmic excitement.

During the golden age Wonder Woman possessed a Purple Ray capable of healing even a fatal gunshot wound to the brain. As a temporary inductee into the Star Sapphires , Wonder Woman gained access to the violet power ring of love. This ring allowed her to alter her costume at will, create solid-light energy constructs, and reveal a person's true love to them.

She was able to combine the energy with her lasso to enhance its ability. Captain Steve Trevor 's plane crashes on the island and he is found alive but unconscious by Diana and fellow Amazon, and friend, Mala.

Diana has him nursed back to health and falls in love with him. A competition is held amongst all the Amazons by Diana's mother, the Queen of the Amazons Hippolyta , in order to determine who is the most worthy of all the women; Hippolyta charges the winner with the responsibility of delivering Captain Steve Trevor back to Man's World and to fight for justice. Hippolyta forbids Diana from entering the competition, but she takes part nonetheless, wearing a mask to conceal her identity.

She wins the competition and reveals herself, surprising Hippolyta, who ultimately accepts, and must give in to, Diana's wish to go to Man's World.

She then is awarded a special uniform made by her mother for her new role as Wonder Woman and safely returns Steve Trevor to his home country. Coming to America for the first time, Wonder Woman comes upon a wailing army nurse. Inquiring about her state, she finds that the nurse wanted to leave for South America with her fiancé but was unable due to shortage of money. As both of them looked identical and Wonder Woman needed a job and a valid identity to look after Steve who was admitted in the same army hospital , she gives her the money she had earned earlier to help her go to her fiancé in exchange for her credentials.

The nurse reveals her name as Diana Prince, and thus, Wonder Woman's secret identity was created, and she began working as a nurse in the army. Wonder Woman then took part in a variety of adventures, mostly side by side with Trevor. In the Silver Age, Wonder Woman's history received several changes. Her earlier origin, which had significant ties to World War II , was changed and her powers were shown to be the product of the gods' blessings, corresponding to her epithet, "beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Hermes".

The reason behind this was that all the Amazons were shifting to another dimension, but Diana was unable to accompany them as she needed to stay behind to help Steve, who had been wrongly convicted. She ran a mod-boutique as a business and dressed in a series of jumpsuits while fighting crime. Delany took over scripting duties with issue Delany was initially supposed to write a six-issue story arc, which would culminate in a battle over an abortion clinic, but Delany was removed reportedly due to criticism from Gloria Steinem , who, not knowing the content of the issues Delany was writing, was upset that Wonder Woman had lost her powers and was no longer wearing her traditional costume.

In Wonder Woman Vol 1 , Diana's powers and costume were returned to her and she is once again reinstated as Wonder Woman. The last issue of Volume 1 showed Diana and Steve Trevor announce their love for each other and their subsequent marriage. Wonder Woman's history and origin were considerably revamped by the event. Wonder Woman was now an emissary and ambassador from Themyscira the new name for Paradise Island to Patriarch's World, charged with the mission of bringing peace to the outside world.

Various deities and concepts from Greek mythology were blended and incorporated into Wonder Woman's stories and origin. Diana was formed out of clay of the shores of Themyscira by Hippolyta , who wished for a child; the clay figure was then brought to life by the Greek deities. In addition, her previous history and her marriage to Steve Trevor were erased. Trevor was introduced as a man much older than Diana who would later on marry Etta Candy. Starting in Wonder Woman Vol 2 51, The Amazons, who had revealed their presence to the world in Wonder Woman Vol 2 50, are blamed for a series of murders and for the theft of various artifacts.

These events lead to the " War of the Gods " occurring. The culprit of the murders, thefts and the framing of the Amazons is revealed to be the witch Circe , who "kills" Diana by reverting her form back into the clay she was born from.

Later, Wonder Woman is brought back to life and together with Donna Troy , battles Circe and ultimately defeats her. When Hippolyta and the other Amazons were trapped in a demonic dimension, she started receiving visions about the death of Wonder Woman.

Artemis would later return as Requiem. Prior to Artemis' death, Hippolyta would admit to her daughter about her own part in Artemis' death, which strained their relationship as Diana was unable to forgive her mother for sending another Amazon to her death knowingly for the sake of saving her own daughter.

The demon Neron engaged Diana in battle and managed to kill her. Wonder Woman tried to stop Superman, Lord who was unable to mind control her made Superman see her as his enemy Doomsday trying to kill Lois Lane.

Superman then attacked Wonder Woman, and a vicious battle ensued. Buying herself time by slicing Superman's throat with her tiara, Wonder Woman caught Lord in her Lasso of Truth and demanded to know how to stop his control over Superman. As the lasso forced the wearer to speak only the truth, Lord told her that the only way to stop him was to kill him. Left with no choice, Wonder Woman snapped Lord's neck and ended his control over Superman. The viewers were not aware of the entire situation, and saw only Wonder Woman murdering a Justice League associate.

Wonder Woman's actions put her at odds with Batman and Superman, as they saw Wonder Woman as a cold-blooded killer, despite the fact that she saved their lives. At the end of Infinite Crisis , Wonder Woman temporarily retires from her costumed identity. Donna Troy becomes the new Wonder Woman and is captured by Diana's enemies.

Diana then goes on a mission to rescue her sister, battling Circe and Hercules. Diana defeats the villains, freeing Donna and takes up the role of Wonder Woman again. Circe places a spell on Diana, which renders Diana into a normal, powerless human being when in the role of Diana Prince; her powers come to her only when she is in the role of Wonder Woman. The storyline "The Circle" was focused on the revelation of a failed assassination attempt on Diana when she was a baby, by four rogue Amazons.

Their attempt was foiled however, and the four Amazons were imprisoned. Diana defeated Myrto, Charis, Philomela and then approached Alkyone, who runs off and succumbs to her death by falling into the ocean.

The other three Amazons return to their prisons. Issue introduced Wonder Woman to an alternate time-line created by the Gods in which Themyscira had been destroyed and the Amazons scattered around the world. Among the major changes to the character, Wonder Woman now appears wearing a new costume similar to her older one, and has a completely new origin. In this new timeline, Wonder Woman is no longer a clay figure brought to life by the magic of the gods.

Rather, she is the demigoddess daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus: King of the Greek Gods. Her original origin is revealed as a cover story to explain Diana's birth as a means to protect her from Hera's wrath.

Currently, Diana has taken on the role and title as the new "God of War". The Greek messenger god, Hermes, entrusts Wonder Woman with the protection of Zola , a young woman, who is pregnant with Zeus's child, from Hera, seething with jealousy and determined to kill the child. The first of these half-mortal siblings to reveal himself to Wonder Woman was her older half-brother, Lennox Sandsmark, who could transform himself into living, marble-like stone and, before his death, was revealed to be the father of Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark.

The story then focuses on Wonder Woman's quest to rescue Zola from Hades, who had abducted her and taken her to Hell at the end of the sixth issue of the series. After nine months, the birth of the resulting female children was highly celebrated and they were inducted into the ranks of the Amazons while the male children were rejected. In order to save the male children from being drowned to death by the Amazons, Hephaestus traded weapons to the Amazons in exchange for them.

After saving Zola from Hades, Wonder Woman tries to protect her further from Apollo, as it is prophesied that one of Zeus' children will be his downfall whom Apollo considers to be Zola's child.

The issue's last page shows a dark and mysterious man rising from the snow, taking a helmet and disappearing. A stand-alone 0 issue was released in September which explored Diana's childhood and her tutelage under Ares, the God of War, now known most often as simply 'War'.

The issue ultimately concluded with Diana learning and experiencing the importance of mercy, which she first learned when War showed it to her during their sparring. After the Amazons are restored, she rules over them both as a warrior queen and God of War, as the ongoing conflict with First Born escalates. At the end of Azzarello's run, as part of a final conflict, Wonder Woman kills First Born, while Zeke is revealed to have been Zeus' plan for resurrection, with Zola revealed to have been a mortal shell for the goddess Athena, who gave birth to Zeus just as he once did to her.

Wonder Woman pleads with Athena not to allow the Zola personality, whom she has grown to love as a friend, die with Athena's awakening. Athena leaves the site in animal form, leaving a stunned and confused Zola behind with Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman appears as one of the lead characters in the Justice League title written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee that was launched in as part of the New After the events of Convergence, Wonder Woman would don a new costume.

She would also face Donna Troy, who is now reimagined as a villanous doppellganger created by a vengeful Amazon elder, not only to physically defeat Wonder Woman but also to outmaneuver her in Themyscirian politics. The New 52 version of Earth 2 was introduced in Earth 2 1 In that issue, the Earth 2 Wonder Woman is introduced via flashback. She, along with Superman and Batman , are depicted dying in battle with forces from Apokolips five years in the past. In Earth 2 8 , Wonder Woman's adult daughter, Fury , is introduced.

She is loyal to the Apokoliptian Steppenwolf. Following the events of the Darkseid War, Wonder Woman is told by the dying Myrina Black that on the night of Diana's birth, Hippolyta gave birth to a twin child. This child was revealed to be male, known as Jason, and is said to be incredibly powerful.

Wonder Woman makes it her mission to find him. She cannot locate Themiscyra or her fellow Amazons and the Lasso of Truth does not work for her anymore. The "Year One" storyline retells Diana's origin growing up on Themyscira. She lives an idyllic life and harbors interest for the outside world, and the first connection to it comes in the form of Steve Trevor, who crashes on the island and is the sole survivor. A contest is held to determine which Amazon is the best candidate to take Steve home, with Diana volunteering despite knowing the cost to leave the island is to never return.

Diana wins the contest and departs with Steve. Once arriving in America, Diana is taken into custody by the government to discern her origins. While incarcerated Diana is visited by the gods in animal form and bestow upon her powers of strength, speed, agility, durability, and flight. She discovers Ares, the god of war, is working to destroy humanity.

Accepting her new role in Man's World, Diana, with the help of the gods in animal form, subdues Ares with the lasso. Now called Wonder Woman, Diana becomes one of the world's greatest heroes. The "Lies" story arc runs parallel and explores Diana's search. The pair battle their way through Urzkartaga's minions, the Bouda, and defeat Andres Cadulo, a worshiper of Urzkartaga that planned to sacrifice Steve Trevor to the plant god. Once reverted to her human form, Minerva agreed to help Wonder Woman find her way back to Paradise Island.

During this time Wonder Woman reconnects with Steve. Minerva eventually realizes Paradise Island is an embodiment of emotion instead of a physical place, so Wonder Woman and Steve head out to find the island. They succeed and Wonder Woman is greeted by her mother and sisters, though Steve senses something is wrong. Wonder Woman comes to realize nothing is as she remembers and, upon using the Lasso of Truth, discovers everything she thought she knew was a lie: The revelation shatters Diana's mind and she is left nearly insane.

Veronica Cale, a businesswoman who has been desiring to find Themyscira and the leader of Godwatch, sends a military group called Poison after her, but Diana's state has left her vulnerable and oblivious to the danger she and Steve are in. Steve wards them off long enough for them to be rescued, and reluctantly places Diana in a mental hospital so she can get help.

While there she comes to grasp the reality she thought she knew was false, eventually coming out of her stupor and able to rejoin the others in tracking down Veronica Cale, who is trying to find Themyscira. Since her comic book debut in December , Wonder Woman has appeared in a number of adaptations.

These formats include television shows, video games, and films. Wonder Woman has made multiple appearances in television, including Wonder Woman , and most notably Hanna-Barbera's long-running animated series Super Friends as well as the s live-action show Wonder Woman. Dawn of Justice and was featured as the main character in Wonder Woman As a compassionate warrior with god-like strength, Wonder Woman preferred peace and love to war and violence, a contradiction that has long made her a symbol of female empowerment, and the center of controversy.

The early Wonder Woman stories featured an abundant amount of bondage portrayals, which had critics worried. Although created to be a positive role-model and a strong female character for girls and boys, [] Wonder Woman has had to deal with the misogyny that was commonplace in comic book industry for decades.

This roster included the original Flash and Green Lantern. Wonder Woman was an experienced leader and easily the most powerful of them all; yet was rendered a secretary. This would also be accompanied with her losing her powers or getting captured on most Justice League adventures. Stories frequently featured Wonder Woman hoping or imagining what it would be like to marry Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman was named the 20th greatest comic book character by Empire magazine. Not all reaction to Wonder Woman has been positive. In the controversial Seduction of the Innocent , psychiatrist Fredric Wertham claimed Wonder Woman's strength and independence made her a lesbian in a condemning way. Feminist icon Gloria Steinem , founder of Ms. Offended that the most famous female superhero had been depowered into a boyfriend-obsessed damsel in distress , Steinem placed Wonder Woman in costume on the cover of the first issue of Ms.

Wade , science fiction author Samuel R. Delany had planned a story for Ms. However, Steinem disapproved of Wonder Woman being out of costume, and the controversial story line never happened. The original significance of Wonder Woman had the intentions of influencing many women of all ages, displaying the physical and mental strengths, values, and ethical attributes that not only men acquire.

Wonder Woman crosses the gender line. The origin of Wonder Woman and the psychological reasoning behind why William Morton Marston created her in the way he did illustrated Marston's educational, ethical, and moral values. Knight explains the impact and influences that superheroes have on us in society ranging from the s until the present day.

Marc DiPaolo introduces us to Wonder Woman's creator and history and he demonstrates how she is a "WWII veteran, a feminist icon, and a sex symbol" all throughout her "career". Wonder Woman stars in multiple films and is most commonly known for her red, white and blue one piece, and her tall, sexy assertiveness. What many people don't know is that she is a big part of history in the comic and superhero world because of how her character influences real life people of all ages, sexes, ethnicities, and races.

Continuing her legacy as an influential feminist icon, in Wonder Woman became the first superhero to officiate a same-sex wedding in a comic series. Gloria Steinem , editor for Ms.

Magazine and a big supporter of Wonder Woman, stated " I just think that Wonder Woman is smarter than that. Nick Pumphrey stated that Wonder Woman stands as a non-violent beacon of hope and inspiration for women and men.

His original concept for Wonder Woman was an answer to comics that he thought were filled with images of blood-curdling masculinity, and you see the latest shots of Gal Gadot in the costume, and it's all sword and shield and her snarling at the camera.

Marston's Diana was a doctor, a healer, a scientist. Paquette detailed the changes he made to Wonder Woman's costume, stating that he removed the iconic American flag theme and instead incorporated a Greek influence: William Marston's earliest works were notorious for containing subversive " bondage and sapphic -undertones" subtext.

Fredric Wertham 's Seduction of the Innocent referred to her as the "lesbian counterpart to Batman" whom he also identified as a homosexual. After Marston's death in , DC Comics downplayed her sexuality; the sexual imagery disappeared from the "Wonder Woman" comic, along with Wonder Woman's super powers. During the Comics Code Authority -decades since, Wonder Woman's subversiveness had been gradually stripped away; subsequent comic book writers and artists didn't do much more than hint at Wonder Woman's erotic legacy.

Wonder Woman is suggested as being queer [] or bisexual , as she and another Amazon, Io, had reciprocal feelings for each other. Earth One , which exists parallel to the current DC comics Rebirth canon, Diana is depicted being kissed on her right cheek by a blonde woman who has put her left arm around Diana. To us, it's not 'gay' marriage.

It's just marriage", she states to Superman. Inspired by the June Supreme Court ruling that established marriage equality in all 50 United States, Badower says DC Comics was "fantastic" about his idea for the issue. Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot reacted positively to Diana's rebooted orientation, and agreed her sexuality was impacted by growing up in the women-only Themyscira. Gadot stated that Wonder Woman feels she need not be "labelled sexually", and is "just herself".

She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts. Wonder Woman's advocacy for gay rights was taken a step further in September , when comic book writer Greg Rucka announced that she is canonically bisexual, according to her rebooted Rebirth origin.

However, he stated that Morrison was looking for a way to not only modernize it, but to use the bondage theme as a form of female empowerment. Paquette acknowledged that Wonder Woman has become more than just a beloved character, she is a symbol for feminism.

And what of women and girls who want to be like her? I have my doubts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other characters given this name, as well as other uses, see Wonder Woman disambiguation. William Moulton Marston [2] writer Harry G. Amazonian - Olympian Demigoddess , —present. Publication history of Wonder Woman. Golden Age of Comic Books. Silver Age of Comic Books.

Bronze Age of Comic Books. Modern Age of Comic Books. A woman whose identity is known to none, but whose sensational feats are outstanding in a fast-moving world.

With a hundred times the agility and strength of our best male athletes and strongest wrestlers, she appears as though from nowhere to avenge an injustice or right a wrong! Alternative versions of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman film. When an Amazon permits a man to chain her Bracelets of Submission together, she becomes weak as other women in a man-ruled world!

War of the Gods comics. The Circle DC Comics. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Cultural impact of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman in other media. Wonder Woman in literature. Alternative versions of Wonder Woman for Elseworlds and other characters to bear the title. See Library of Congress. Archived September 7, , at the Wayback Machine. The New York Times. Archived from the original on October 24, Retrieved October 23, The New York Sun.

Archived from the original on December 14, Retrieved December 14, Archived from the original on January 17, Archived from the original on December 16, Archived from the original on November 8, Archived from the original on May 2, Retrieved March 1, Archived from the original on September 11, Retrieved May 30, Archived from the original on August 1, Archived from the original on June 12, Archived from the original on January 19, Retrieved August 23, In October , the popular women's magazine "Family Circle" published an interview with Marston entitled "Don't Laugh at the Comics," in which the psychologist discussed the unfulfilled potential of the medium.

Archived from the original on December 8, Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved May 19, The life and work of William Moulton Marston". History of the Human Sciences. Archived from the original on May 19, Retrieved November 16, Archived from the original on July 25, Retrieved July 25, I believe she would hang an anchor around her neck if she thought she could carry it!

Tone it down, Iris. And you should be ashamed of yourself for being one of the few people to pass such nasty judgement. Who are we to judge other people so harshly? Let her wear what she wants. You only get to go around once. Iris Apfel is my role model, ever since I saw the exhibit of her fashion collection at the Metropolitan Museum Costume galleries.

She carries it off with attitude. She also has an amazing story behind it all, worth checking out the documentary about her life. We should all be so confident. And PS, I rock a pair of black-framed glasses and get compliments all the time and mistaken for being a Parisien when in Paris.

Great, great advice for all women, but where is the same advice for men??? I love boldness, shyness, jeans and T-shirt, dressed to the nines and then some. I do not like cultural appropriation, i. That is religious garb worn by religious Jews.

It is not something to play with. How about a burka in silk and suede? Or just a very large blouse. Oprah has and always has had enormous style. As a woman of size, she owns it. Where is the irony? I love that you included strong women of all ethnicities. I agree a woman should be able to wear what she wants.

Women have spent too much time competing with each other and not enough time making each other stronger.

Women need to start standing together and helping each other become stronger. We need to support each other and strengthen and inspire each other. We are not and should not compete with each other.

Reblogged this on Fox, Lake, Cannoli and commented: I love this entire blog and recommend a good perusal of the entire thing! Laugh til I burst! Normally I try to avoid articles about how people should look and dress. I also try to avoid telling other people that some behavior is mandatory. Nothing wrong with saying Fuck…. Reblogged this on Yellowstar Essentials Blog and commented: I just had to share this post. You have restored the equilibrium in my world.

I remember my daughter telling me some years ago that I was too old to wear sparkles. I still live a little sparkle hear and there, now and then. Anyone who wants to shine be it figuratively or literally!

But when they do, mercy, watch out world! Reblogged this on Coffee and a Word and commented: I reblogged this on Coffee and a Word blog for life as a 30 Something!

I could not have put it better myself. Thank you for putting together such an incredible collection of powerful women. I love everything about this article. Shared within a heartbeat! Her clothes are part of her self-expression, how could anyone deign to stifle that? Pertaining to the use of the word Fuck, if someone is offended by a sound, a simple amalgam of letters, that is simply because they choose to be.

There is no logical reason for a sound to offend, on its own. No word is inherently offensive, only the intent behind its use can be judged. I appreciate the message behind this post, which is to be yourself. Thanks for putting this together! Rock those skirts and continue to not give a damn, just be your fabulous self. You issued the invite and I am accepting! Iris is an icon and an inspiration. I hope I live to be her age and have her confidence.

You on the other hand. The one thing no woman over 30 should ever wear: Sorry Beverly, I think you completely missed the point of the article, but bless your heart anyway. Well-behaved women seldom make history — said by some broad smarter than me. Oh gee, they tell you when your young who to be what to wear how to act. It continues into forever if you allow it. They can kiss mine too. Reblogged this on chickiebuffer.

Reblogged this on FoundMyZen. Reblogged this on mutationes and commented: It was absolutely ridiculous! What should women wear when they are retired and life changes for them including income and opportunities?

I love all the looks of those with lots of money for clothes and opportunities to go to do lovely things. Honestly, it is much simpler for the common folk when they get dressed in the morning. Wear what is most comfortable for the activities of the day. It also should be something one had time to wash and dry so that it is clean. Clothing should cover whatever needs to be covered; be well-groomed in any case.

In other words, wear what you damn please and ignore anyone who stares at you. It is wasted time in a life growing shorter by the day to care about what other people think. With some creativity, you can find things just as awesome at discount or thrift stores or even online, that are much cheaper. Life is what you make it. We are tiny mayflies, fizems in the great expanse of creation. We might as well dance and sparkle for our brief moment. And if you are comfortable and feel beautiful in what you wear — you will project that.

I am 61 and I wear what I want. I will share that with my friends, 4 of us are meeting up after 30 plus years in Vegas for fun and what they should wear appropriate is a concern for a couple.

Yes, why do we always have to be given limitations after a certain age on how and what to wear? I love the comfort of it and the memories that come flooding me when I remember the days I was still breastfeeding her in it! Reblogged this on Joy Based Living and commented: My hubby is almost 61, we are adopting 2 girls aged 14 and Reblogged this on zohameanslight.

Love love love this!! Shared this on my facebook page. Keep on being your fabulous self! I just plainly love you. Wonder why this obsession with over like, is there an island of misfits we go to? I will be 47 tomorrow and I wear whatever the fuck I want and is comfortable. I dont give two shits what people think.

Rock on all you beautify ladies over 30 and keep on wearing what ever the fuck you want!!! Your post is incredible! I used to try very hard to fit in life is too short to give a dam!! Wear what you want, and enjoy it! I love this article, but at the same time, I have to admit that I am a coward. Confidence and fearlessness take time and practice!

As someone who dresses somewhat alternatively full pinup girl, victory rolls and all! Fake it until you make it, you lovely woman! Kallie Provencher must be under And what about the Red Hat ladies with their red hats and purple dresses?! Reblogged this on and commented: But why on earth is Vivienne Westwood not on this list — a crime! So many incredible women, so little spaces, right!?

I tried SO hard to be diverse and showcase a range of fantastic ladies. A sequel is definitely in order! So well said and illustrated! I would love to see another one with women over 30 showing some skin…the aforementioned short skirts, cleavage, etc. Gah, you are so right.

The Susan Serandon low cut dress debacle, right?! I just turned 46 June 4th. I love big funky jewelry, funky shoes and I have spiky platinum blonde hair with blue bangs. Wear what makes you smile when you look in the mirror. Whatever the fuck they want means exactly that. Im 69 and wear skinny jeans and groovey tops. I wear eye makeup and will continue to please myself. I love this shit!!!! Spoken like a true Jersey Girl….. Perfect attire for heading into the paddock to set up an electric fence.

I might even hike up the dress and ride my horse bareback. I like to wear whatever the fuck I want. Now, if you would please, I need to know the 24 most important pieces of jewelry I should wear. The ones that make you happy and look good on you. You get to make your own decisions about color match your outfit or clash , style classic, trendy, artistic… , and scale small and tasteful, big and bold… and create your own personal statement.

I have to pass on really big ones because I have a short neck. And now I expect somebody to tell me that they wear them that way and make it work! Yes, Yes and Yes! At the great ages that we all are at, there is amazing freedom. That little girl needs to sit down. By the way, I rock my hoop earrings! The ladies here are gorgeous, but using the number 30 in the title and including folks who look 45 and older is strange. Not sure you quite got this.

I am 50 and I have One Life and wear whatever I like, however I like with whatever combinations I am comfortable with. I do not need anyone dictating to me, if they do not like what I am wearing, they are most welcome to close their eyes and ….

She sounds like E! Calling woman bitches be it by a woman or a man, puts us into the same category as those who hurt others.

How about using your class and elegance as teacher? Im 21 and Ive always worn whatever I fucking wanted, when I fucking wanted and how I fucking wanted. My hair is long and completely grey shock, horror, gasp!!

I love this post! Instead, we should be able to express our personal tastes and individuality. I agree with you that we should support each other and wear whatever we want. I like this article more. I will proudly wear my graphic Tee while wearing a scrunchy AND playing my personal gaming system. I am over I am going to do what I want. It is called being an adult.

Today I wore navy leggins, lt. Comfortable, stylish husband of 54 yrs. Told them — open-mouth stunned. What women under 40 fail to understand is we are past giving a fuck what anyone else thinks. Be brave … Love you. The last thing any woman my age should do, is take advice from a self righteous 20 something. Yea, and how old is this Kallie chickadee anyway — over or under 30?! Thank you for clearing the air and providing the delicious pix. I once wrote a blog actually repeated it 3 times on Humoring the Goddess about Fashion Faux Pas for women over 50 http: Now with your refreshing article, I am going to write a brand new one, and include a link to here.

Thanks for reminding us of that! We are fierce and independent women and we have earned the right to do, say, wear whatever the heck we want!! Reblogged this on My Swirled Life. Yeah I wear what ever I want. I like to dress sexy in a stylish way. I dare Kallie to tell Dame Helen Mirren what she can and cannot wear!! Helen is a badass and I want to be like her when I grow up. Reblogged this on raincoaster and commented: Copy all of this!

Thank you for the much needed breath of fresh air! All except the karli or whatever her name is bashing. Sending you Love my sisters!

No need to write it down. Good for you Iris Apfel, and thanks for standing for all of US. There are certain things that I will never wear. Also what suits you depends on your personality and personal style. Stand up and stand together, ladies! Wear what makes you feel like amazing women you are!!! Reblogged this on Pin Up!

The Blog and commented: Thanks for expressing so eleoquently what so many of us feel, had to share this brilliance on my page Facebook. I always listened to this sort of crap when I was younger, now that I am in my sixties I have long hair, wear jeans, shorts and anything else I feel like wearing.

Nobody should be telling anyone else what to wear, and when will women stop giving each other a hard time. High heels and aching legs? When I eventually HAD it….. Reblogged this on Shinyhappysherry. I tried on another one this time trousers and jacket and was way better, she even agreed later but here is not the issue… She asked me to try a two pieces blue with flowers skirt and top , I swear it was like a curtain, horrible!

Plus 32 is still fucking young! And the worst part was that she gave me the hideous curtain! This is also one of the ingredients of the happy life. I will wear what the hell I want,when I want, so stick it to you young 20 something!! I wear fun creative outfits. Wear what floats your boat! Funny…I m 47 and this morning when i was walking to go to my office with my 2 bunches and my huge clevage i was thinking mm, i m fat and now middle age lady, should i still wear like that?

So, who cares what some twenty-something advises? If you feel right, and you think you look good, wear it! When you are in the right colours for your skin tone and the above colours have always suited mine then you will find others pay lots of compliments but they may not realise that it is the colour combination that makes you look attractive to them.

Ladies — let us enjoy simply being ourselves! AND first pair of Palazza pants…colorful, comfortable, and great looking and they even hide a few bumps…. FUCK anyone who tries to tamp women down; who tells us yet again how wrong and bad we are for being our whole, luscious selves.

Which is basically the gist of this article. Thanks for including me in this glorious crowd! Even if my daughters say Mom you are not wearing that!! Oh my gosh, really Mom!! As a woman 32 years young I am now just learning to appreciate my body just the way it is.

A woman should wear what she wants no matter what age she is. Life is too short to live in a box of judgements, should nots, better nots, and whatever other NOTS!! Wear appropriate out fit that flawns you not to trash your look. I just love to see women wear clothes like these women… So cool, so hip, so sexy without showing boobs or ass.

I have seen women like this in subway, streets, bars, museum…etc. I busted butt to lose weight and get healthy. Life is too short for a stereotype to limit us as women!! Boho, leopard, sparkle, etc…. You have to wonder … will the rules suddenly change when this Kallie reaches the grand old age of 30 herself? Having visited both her Facebook profiles she clearly loves herself … but what will happen when she hits the big three zero?

Is she going to need therapy? Will she adhere to her own code of rules? Tune in soon to find out! Michelle Combs wrote that article for HuffPo. Walk to your own beat, set trends, and Be Unique! And yet no leopard print or short dresses in sight still lol!

However, I myself am over 30 and I do wear short dresses with the highest heels I can find usually about 5. So I wholeheartedly concur with your ideas of what women over 30 should wear!

The point of this post was to draw inspiration and showcase strong women! Hers are pretty well fitted specifically for her. What a stupid, limited, self hating person that Kallie is.

Hope she learns to regret her own thoughts and hope no woman ever listens to garbage she writes! Not even conservative grandmothers gave me such horrible hateful advice!! Reblogged this on etheljo and commented: I think we all should read this. The only thing a women should not wear is clothing that makes them uncomfortable. Be happy in your garb, feel like you are wrapping up in beauty.

Found this on FB just now…. I wear pretty much whatever the fuck I want but sometimes I worry about people thinking I dress too young.

You are absolutely amazing. This exactly how women should be… as they wish and amazing as they feel! Agree with you completely, although I was looking forward to pictures of short skirts and bikinis in amongst them to defy the message that women over 30 must cover up. Here is Helen Mirren rocking a bikini at 63, for example: Love your take on this controversial topic! Also your great examples of older women wearing whatever the fuck they want.

I wear anything I want or better yet, nothing at all!!! I will always try to be stylish or not. My body, my choice!! You said it best captioned with each image. Pop by for a visit some time — http: Apart from medical records I think after twenty one birthdays should be abolished and birth certificates should be destroyed. Why is everyone so obsessed with age? Be your own woman. There are only two reasons any women of any age should not wear something: It makes her feel uncomfortable.

If she wears it the sun will explode and therefore destroy all life on earth. All these women wore what they wanted, but they did it with style! I love this post and I love the choices of women here. And yet, your great picture examples didnt show, graphic tees, short skirts, leopard prints or cleavage. The point is pretty clear here: Fabulous pictures of fabulous independent women.

One of the best posts l have ever seen. Little somethings need to sit down and take some notes on adulting. Outstanding in every way! And I visited the FB site that Kallie runs: The most recent post shows monkeys at an animal testing facility, that she thinks is hilarious.

It made me SO mad! Just had no clue it would receive this much support. Reblogged this on Alsofine. Time to stand up and take charge of who you are who you want to be. I seriously wish I was in her life when she turns 30 — I would LOVE to see the shocked look on her face when she realizes there is nothing magical about that number.

I also really think that someone needs to have a conversation with her about valuing herself as a person. Because she really seems to be lacking that aspect of self. However, l ignored it. So thank you again for writing my thoughts on the subject so clearly. I wear what I want and still get asked for id when buying alcohol lol. My mother wears what she wants and gets complements all the time.

Were what makes you feel good and beautiful. So Kallie can have several seats! Her opinion is moot! I am 90 now and when it is hot, all I ever wear are muumuus.

When we all human beings including women over 30 are comfortable with who we are, love ourselves and express that… we are so irresistibly beautiful. Kallies article was as vacuous and stupid as she is. No reservations as to what I want to wear.

If it feels good on me and I like it, I wear it! I know I have an eye and a heart for style! When I was a young Mother I dressed like a Mother for my children and husband. See Iris on Net Flix. Her legs are better than mine and I told her to rock the hell out of them!

I hope to look half that good at her age! If its hot, I may wear shorts, and who cares. Reblogged this on Rachel's Workshop and commented: Blessings to all of us over 30 womem who are confident enough to to wear what makes our hearts smile.

I wear things that make me and my nursing home residents happy…. Some of the above images are in his book. Terrific story, great images, wonderful inspiration. Your film of the same name was also fantastic. Yes, it should be required reading for everyone! I enjoyed the clothes and comments! I agree, agree and agree.

I cannot wait to do this with my sister Gail! We need to first determine time and space. Women should wear whatever the fuck they want, within limits. Wearing the skins of animals is just totally not cool. There is a shadow on the lattice that I took to be some weird hairstyle. Other than that shaking me up, they all look great.

The women all look great. No one needs to tell any of us what to wear. I love clothes, and looking as cool as I can, in whatever I wear — usually jeans and a top, and sandals and favorite jewelry, and appreciate looking at others attired in their particular choices, as well. I dress to please myself!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I even wear my diamonds in sessions and always have everything match from shoes to accessories. They asked me why I have to wear jewellery at exercise classes. They said that they also have diamonds but they just leave them at home in their drawers.

I just smiled and asked. When are you going to wear them? I told him every item I am privileged to own tells a story about me, my life and those I have loved….. Yeah, well when she is over 30 I am sure she will be posting photos of her wearing what ever the Fuck she wants too. Narrow minded insipid little tool! I was working in T. As far back as then, my way of thinking was way removed from the norm. Should have included Betsey Johnson. In neon colors and a tutu. I like skulls, leather, red hair, dark eyeliner and funky lipstick and shoes.

I was rocking the dangerous look before whatever her name is was a zygote. And I get hit on by guys as young as my great-niece.

She can suck it. I thank you for this! How stylish are these ladies! There I stood, over 50 at the time and I happen to look 20 years younger — thanks mum, thanks dad , taking it all in. Relieved to find a glimmer of hope in this post.

Shared by two of my heros, photographer Deborah Triplett and my awesome old man. Now, I can, and do wear whatever I want. Never wore make-up, never will. Try to remember to wear sunscreen, but almost always have on a hat of some sort.

I wear comfortable, natural fabrics. Thank you so much, I feel so much better now. I own my life. I lost respect for the bishop the moment I saw the picture. All religious were were told by Pope John Paul II over 23 years ago to wear the signs of their consecration viel and habit Those who disobey are disobedient.

Wonderfully written and insightful. Christians are s set-apart people, and we need to express that to the world in all of our thoughts and actions, and we need those who have been called by God to be set-apart in religious life and the baptized-ordained class to to be joyful of that good news in their dress. The world need to see that sign because coming in contact with the set-apart always provokes inner questions and awakens that struggle we are having with God about how we are living compared to how He has called up to live.

Priest please wear your collar and brothers and sisters please wear your habit. The article was first published 17 years ago and is as relevant as ever today. I was ordained to the priesthood a year after the article was written, and all the reasons given make perfect sense to me.

The article mentions the heat and humidity of the summer, and I am in a climate that encounters high temperatures and high humidity. So wearing the black coat over the black clerical shirt accomplishes this, but I was only wearing the coat to go from the rectory to the church whereupon I almost immediately vest for confessions and then Mass and from the church back to the rectory.

During the warmer part of the year, which is extended here, it seemed easier to forgo the coat. However, a few years ago, I felt myself drawn to wear something I had never worn as a priest, a cassock. I prayed and discerned over whether that yearning was a superficial desire to call attention to myself or a deepening of my vocation. Still, the desire persisted, and, finally, in a phone call about other matters to a brother priest who often wears a cassock, I inquired about where he purchased his cassock, and how to ensure it would fit.

He told me about our newest priest in the diocese, who frequently wears a cassock, and how one of his seminary classmates in another diocese has family members who make cassocks. So I asked the parish staff to help take my measurements, and I ordered two cassocks — one regular, one lightweight — complete with fascias and collars. I eagerly awaited the day my tailor-made cassocks would come in. At long last they arrived in the middle of Lent I made the decision to debut the cassock at the Easter Vigil.

I wear the cassock for Sundays, holy days, funerals, and weddings, and any comments made about it have always been very positive and upbeat. I agree with all the 23 Reasons in article. I get very sad, and do not wish to see the scene. This persecution of the Mexican Catholic church was suppressed by the Mexican government from being published in school books.

The Mexican Martyrs were canonized by Bl. Pope John Paul in Thomas More and St. The Mexican Catholic Priests, laymen, laywomen, and children died in battles throughout Mexico defending the Catholic Church. Their last cry was: Please see this film. People need to wake up and KNOW the courage and heroic martyrdom suffered by these brave Catholic Priests and lay people who died defending the Catholic Church — from the attacks of the powerful federal government military force.

When I was a young girl elementary through high school , all the priests were wearing the white floor length garment so are the nuns. Today, the short haired nun talking in front of a microphone with no religious garment looks, sounds like an activist, its another person doing her own thing and we do not listen to whatever she is saying.

I feel betrayed why they are so ashamed to be a witness for Christ. Cornell Tandiayuk said he lives in Indonesia and cannott buy a Roman collar. How do we help to send him some?

I love to see a priest wearing his collar and I wish nuns would wear a habit. I know a few do, but I think they are the exception. The barong is a loose fitting formal shirt in that hot country. Perfect for such a hot country like Indonesia. I have seen a missionary wear one when he returned to the USA. It looks just a tad too different here, but still better then civies. But in the East it looks very nice. I have been asking my Parish Priest on a regular basis to wear his clerical collar and garb always, but he just laughs at me.

I agree, all those reasons are valid. However, over the years I have known a couple of priests who, though they wore their clerical clothing, deviated from their calling and left the church to marry. One used to wear a cassock and I thought he was a very holy priest.

Sadly, this does happen every now and again. Of course, most priests, thank God, are true to their calling and are holy and sincere men. So, though the clerical vlothing is very important, what is in the heart and soul is even more important.

While having a Eucharistic Adoration meeting breakfast at our local diner with my pastor, I noticed two other priests that were not wearing their collars. After the meeting we were leaving and I personally thanked my pastor for wearing his collar and mentioned how it is important for the nuns to wear their habits. We pray for our clergy and religious in these most trying times for our church to remain faithful and persevere with the church scandal.

For those who look at the priest life as something sacred, the wearing of the roman collar is essential. For those who look at the life of a priest as a modern day social worker it is not a big deal if they are wearing jeans, shorts, sandals and t-shirts as they walk around the Church and society. We need the outward sign of the consecrated life today more then ever. We need to see the humilty of the colar or the religious habit in a world were the creature is worshiped above the creator.

We pray daily for them and are so blessed to have our parish priests who fit the desciption of a good and holy priest! Thanks be to God. It makes it easier to get ready in the morning and I can get to the adoration chapel earlier. In the winter I can wear the same shirt for a couple of days. A priest should be accessible to both the poor and the wealthy. The collar achieves this. If I was wearing civilian clothes then it would have to be a certain style.

Poor people might be intimidated if the clothes are too fancy. The wealthy might be put off if the clothes are too shabby. I wasctaughtvby wonderful nuns in habits for twelve years even in hot weather and no air conditionng even n chapels OR checked..

Yet another simple pence for ourvsins…exception the illvan elderly. Its so difficult to find the Roman Collar here in my country. It should be imported from another country.

I daresay that deacons should be encouraged to wear their collars as well, in keeping with the exemptions noted in canon law; they are ordained and configured to Christ the Servant — another example of how a visible sign is a form of service to others. As the first point stated: We are not our own, we belong to God: Many years ago, I was acquainted with a young priest who was the associate pastor at a parish in Michigan.

To the dismay of his parishioners and the pastor , he typically did not like to wear clerical garb. They spent much time praying for him. The experience touched him very deeply and taught him the value of his priesthood.

Since I last saw him, he has started wearing a black shirt and Roman collar he still wore jeans, but at least they are black! Richard McBrien — "My Roman collar is my television uniform. You don't see the […]. He wore a drop down necklace on the outer part of his clerical uniform — a large beautiful Crucifix.

I get confused in trying to tell the difference in a roman catholic priest and a protestant pastor who also bears a collar, though. So, confronting my parish priest would be difficult, even talking with others about what I consider are his shortcomings seems against what I should be doing as a lay person.

Father made a statement about God the Father being both male and female. He said Sacred Scripture has a couple of verses that quotes God as being a mother.

God the Mother is rampant in feminist theology and in many Protestant denominations. He is neither man nor woman. God is pure spirit in which there is no place for the differences between the sexes.

I also found an article by Rev. Barbkw, my recommendation is for you to discuss this subject with other members of your parish, and have a serious talk with your new priest about this.

If he insists upon his lackadaisical job performance, you either need a replacement for him, or find another parish that more closely adheres to the instructions of the Pope. A priest must command respect for his position as a leader and be someone looked up to.

My employees wear a uniform bearing the name of my company. I wish more priests would wear cassocks full-time.

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